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WWE News: Ryback reveals why he never slept with any of his co-workers in WWE

Ryback claims that he avoided 'smashing' divas altogether!

Ryback followed the words of Joey Mercury religiously

Former WWE Superstar Ryback recently took part in a Q&A session with YouTube channel ILikeWrestling at the Lancastrian Suite, Newcastle, UK. During the Q&A, an attendee asked Ryback about which one of the WWE female Superstars he would have “liked to smash”, during his time with the paramount company.

Ryback took a diplomatic approach and spoke about his policy of never sleeping with his fellow co-workers. The 35-year-old also told fans where he got the theory from:

“Joey Mercury used to always tell us, early on in developmental, don’t poop where you eat.”

Ryback said that while he didn’t take Mercury’s words seriously at that point, he later recognised the value in that statement. He added that being involved with a co-worker took things to another level, something that he wasn’t particularly comfortable doing.

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Ryback further went to clear himself by stating that he had a cordial relationship with both male and female superstars alike and tried to be friendly with everyone.

He said that he saw instances where backstage relationships turned sour and the entire work environment would get hampered due to it. Ryback backtracked a bit and claimed that he wouldn’t have faced the same struggles, but he had seen other guys lose their careers over it.

Here’s what Ryback had to say:

“You have to understand, smashing leads to a whole different mindset altogether. Before you know it you’re riding together, hanging out at the arena all day, and it’s no good.

So you avoid that ‘smashing’ step altogether, from what I was told, and I always adhered to that. I had enough trouble with WWE … I didn’t need to add any of that to the fire.”

The Superstar left WWE in August 2016 citing financial differences along with his issues with the multiple creative restrictions. Since then, The Big Hungry has never shied away from taking a shot at WWE and has flat-out denied a potential full-time return to the mecca of wrestling.

Check out the entire Q&A, as it happened:

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