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WWE News: Ryback rules out full-time return to the WWE

Ryback has lashed out several times at the WWE since his exit from the company.

Ryback has become a successful independent wrestler since leaving the WWE 

Ryback left the WWE in August earlier this year due to what he claims was a lack of equal pay for equal talent in the company along with multiple creative restrictions.

WWE wrestlers have to be on the road for a majority of the year and the money Ryback was being paid was apparently not incentive enough for him to sustain such a lifestyle, leading to him quitting the WWE.

The Big Hungry has since taken numerous shots at the WWE, its management and its wrestlers in the short time that he has been away from the company.

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He has also gone to the extent of explaining how he can sue the company. Speaking to former WWE creative Kevin Eck of Press Box Online, Ryback explained why he had never been happier off the road and was not likely to join the WWE again. He said:

“I have never been happier being off the road. There is more to life than living in hotels and not having control to do the other things in life you are passionate about.”

The former intercontinental champion took a dig at the WWE saying:

“It is a very negative and toxic environment at times, and I am happy working for myself now. I never want to be away from home four-to-five days a week full time again, ever.”

Eck also asked Ryback for his thoughts on Goldberg’s surprise return to the WWE and his opinion on whether a match between Goldberg and Ryback, wrestlers with similar styles, was ever on the cards.

Ryback felt that the WWE had done a great job at pulling off Goldberg’s return. He said:

“I thought his return generated excitement and a great "holy s***" moment at Survivor Series. In a day and age where surprises and shock moments are few and far between, WWE did a great job in pulling that off.”

As to a match between the two, Ryback said that he had been flatly denied. Speaking of the reaction the proposal received, he was quoted as saying:

“It would have been nice to have had that opportunity, as I think a simple face-off would have been a cool sight for fans to see. I was simply told, "No," it would never happen in my time there.” 

Ryback left the WWE as one of the numerous high-profile wrestlers who have left the WWE in recent times. In the recent past, CM Punk, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio and Batista are the other wrestlers who have left the WWE citing creative, financial and other differences.

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