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WWE News: Ryback talks Vince McMahon walking away from Wrestlemania match with "look of disgust"

Ryback talks about how Vince McMahon didn't look too pleased with one of his matches.

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Vince McMahon was not a fan of Ryback’s final Wrestlemania match

What’s the story?

Ryback recently appeared on Ring Rust Radio, where he talked about his brand, and his long-term goals.

He also briefly talked about how during Wrestlemania 32, Vince McMahon had a look of disgust on his face after his match with Kalisto was over. 

In case you didn’t know:

Kalisto and Ryback had a non-memorable feud for the United States Championship at the time. They even followed this match with a rematch on WWE Payback in 2016. The fans were chanting ‘You Can’t Wrestle’ at Ryback, there were also several ‘Goldberg’ chants.

Both this match at Payback and the previous match at Wrestlemania 32 were on pre-shows. 

Ryback felt cheated by Vince McMahon and the WWE

The heart of the matter:

Ryback stated that Vince McMahon didn’t approve of his match with Kalisto, and had walked away with a look of disgust on his face. Ryback was quoted as saying the following:

“I remember being at this last WrestleMania and the contact stuff was already at a very negative point.

He [Vince McMahon] left gorilla position, he couldn’t even stand there and watch my match, then he walked by wih this look of disgust on his face and I remember thinking,

‘This company f-king sucks. This job sucks, and this is the worst day of my life.’ This was all on WrestleMania and I thought it really shouldn’t be this way.”

Ryback was further asked about whether or not it was fair for Vince McMahon to treat him the way he did during his tenure with the company, to which Ryback said that life was unfair but he couldn’t take the “lies” anymore from WWE. 

What’s next:

Ryback also discussed his current lifestyle and how he enjoyed life not being on the road so much, he also spoke about getting to be home daily, and setting himself up to wrestle whenever he chooses.

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Sportskeeda’s take:

Ryback has been very open about his time with the WWE. For someone who believes in positive thinking, he sure doesn’t have a nice way of showing it. It makes him look really scorned to be complaining about the company that put him on the map.

While he may not have to agree with everything WWE did with him, he still needs to realsze that his constant bickering about not getting his opportunities with the WWE seem very unprofessional.

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