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WWE News: Sami Zayn demands to be traded to Smackdown Live

After weeks and weeks of pent up frustration over not getting a rematch against Strowman, Zayn got his final answer from RAW GM Mick Foley

It was either Braun Strowman or Smackdown for Sami Zayn

Last night on RAW, Sami Zayn was once again denied an opportunity to fight Braun Strowman. After lashing out at RAW General Manager Mick Foley, Sami Zayn did the unexpected and demanded to be traded to Smackdown Live.

Foley tried to explain that his decision was in Zayn's best interest, and he was just trying to look out for him, but Zayn refused to listen to reason. 

Zayn proceeded to suggest moving to Smackdown Live after telling Foley he couldn't work for a boss that didn’t value his talent and stated that he would be better off on the "B-Show". Mick responded to Zayn by telling him that he’d call Daniel Bryan and work out the trade, out of respect for Zayn’s wishes.

Here’s a video of their confrontation:

“I’ll put you head to head against anyone on this roster –  for championships. But I’m not putting you head to head against Braun Strowman because he will end your career!” – Mick Foley

Later on RAW, Mick revealed to Sami that he had been traded for Eva Marie. A move Sami Zayn was evidently offended by. Here’s a video of the showdown:

This was all a ploy, however, by Mick, to see if Sami was ready to take on Braun.

Finally, the weeks and weeks of pleading for a match against the big man paid off. And thus, at this Sunday’s Roadblock: End of the Line, Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman will clash in the squared circle for one more time.

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But there’s one catch, the match has a 10-minute time limit stipulation, to ensure things don’t get too out of hand.

Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman will meet at Roadblock: End of the Line

It will be interesting to see where things develop from here. What happens after the match at Roadblock is anyone’s guess. The rivalry could continue, or both men can move on to big and better things.

Sami doesn’t seem to have any long term plans so it will be intriguing to see where his career goes direction-wise after Braun.

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