Sami Zayn finally explains why he didn't attack Kevin Owens on WWE RAW, fans refuse to believe him

There's a huge WWE feud in the making involving The Bloodline and Sami Zayn

WWE Superstar Sami Zayn recently broke his silence following his controversial role in Kevin Owens' victory on RAW before Clash at the Castle.

Zayn joined The Usos during their appearance on the red brand this week. The three superstars were cutting a promo when Kevin Owens hijacked their segment. The war of words soon led to a singles match between Jey Uso and Owens.

The bout's closing moments saw Jey conspire with Jimmy and Sami Zayn at ringside. Jimmy was supposed to distract the referee while Zayn was instructed to hit Kevin Owens with a steel chair. However, the former Intercontinental Champion couldn't go through with the plan, and KO got enough time to recover. He then used a Stunner to seal his victory.

Zayn took to Twitter to explain what stopped him from hitting KO. He apparently didn't want Jey Uso to lose via DQ and believes that he has sorted the issue with The Bloodline:

"To clarify, I didn't hit Kevin Owens because I felt the ref could see me in his periphery, and I didn't want to cause Jey Uso to lose by DQ. I've explained this to The Bloodline, and the issue has been resolved. Friday's championship celebration will proceed as planned. Thank you," wrote Zayn in his tweet.
To clarify, I didn’t hit Kevin Owens because I felt the ref could see me in his periphery and I didn’t want to cause Jey Uso to lose by DQ.I’ve explained this to The Bloodline and the issue has been resolved. Friday’s championship celebration will proceed as planned. Thank you.

There has been evident tension between Jey Uso and Sami Zayn over the last few weeks. The latter's role in Jey's loss has further fueled the fire. It is worth noting that Zayn still shares a good bond with Jimmy Uso.

WWE fans dismiss Sami Zayn's explanation of his actions on RAW

Although Zayn tried his best to make everyone believe he didn't hit Kevin Owens to protect Jey Uso, WWE fans refused to buy his reasoning. Many seem to think he still has a soft spot for his former best friend, especially since KO openly called him his brother before the match against Jey Uso.

sometimes it’s really as easy as let Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens talk

Moreover, The Prizefighter previously confirmed that he wants to go after every title available in WWE, including the Undisputed Tag Team Championships. Thus, many speculate that the entertaining duo are bound to come together and eventually engage in a title feud with The Usos.

Fans responded to Zayn's tweet with epic replies, most hailing him for not attacking his real-life friend despite the pressure of maintaining his position in The Bloodline. Here are some of the funniest reactions:

The WWE Universe seems to be enjoying this storyline, especially considering Zayn's portrayal of an Honorary Uce on SmackDown. Addtionally, this narrative is bound to bring Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns back in front of each other down the line.

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