Santino Marella's daughter reveals what to expect from a WWE tryout [Exclusive]Β 

Bianca Carelli
Bianca Carelli
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Second-generation star Bianca Carelli's goal is to make it to WWE one day. Her father, Santino Marella (real name - Anthony Carelli), entertained WWE audiences with his comedic shenanigans for years. He currently runs the Battle Arts Academy, where Bianca is the BAA Women's Champion.

Back in 2019, she entered a WWE tryout with only 13 matches under her belt. The aspiring talent recently had a chat with Sportskeeda Wrestling's Riju Dasgupta, during which she narrated her experience from the tryout and what others can expect from it.

Check out their intriguing conversation below:

First and foremost, any WWE tryout participant must be physically prepared for an exhausting series of drills.

"You got to be prepared for a physical element. So you need to make sure you are in good athletic shape and ring shape. Because you're doing exercises like sit-ups and push-ups, burpees, running, and lifting," said Bianca Carelli. "So you need to make sure that your body is trained. And then you're doing stuff in the ring - running the ropes, doing different drills. Having a match was one of the components of my tryout. You need to make sure that you know how to have a match, you know how to tell a story, and that you can run those ropes for a very long time. Because you don't wanna be the first one to stop."

Additionally, becoming a WWE Superstar requires potential recruits to showcase their personalities in front of a camera.

Bianca Carelli found her tryout in Canada quite inspiring, and it allowed her to scope out other passionate pro wrestling fans from all over the country.

"You get an opportunity to speak and show how comfortable you are in front of a camera. You need a lot of really nice people that are also wrestling. It's a good way to see how you compare to people who want to pursue the same thing as you. And maybe you can get inspired from it." Bianca continued, "For me, it was inspiring to see people from all over Canada who were so passionate about wrestling - seeing what their strong parts were. Maybe what they could improve; how I could improve. What my strong parts were in relation to that."

"Magical" - Bianca Carelli summarizes her WWE tryout experience from 2019

Bianca Carelli's father is supportive of her pro wrestling dream
Bianca Carelli's father is supportive of her pro wrestling dream

Santino Marella's daughter has previously highlighted that the tryout in Canada only lasted two days, wishing she had more time to showcase her perseverance.

During the interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Bianca Carelli said the whole experience inspired her to work harder to achieve her WWE goals.

"The entire experience was so, I would say, magical, and it felt so surreal. I really, really, just felt more inspired to work hard and to get there [WWE]. That's where I wanna go. That's my end goal," stated Carelli.

Elsewhere in the interview, Carelli spoke about how former RAW Women's Champion Asuka inspired her pro wrestling journey.

We certainly hope to see the second-generation star in WWE one day!

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