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WWE News: Sasha Banks on equality, nearly comes to tears after being given Eddie Guerrero's shirt

Sasha Banks says that the winner of the Iron Man match will go down in history as perhaps the greatest women's wrestler of all time.

Sasha Has been engaged in a feud with Charlotte for a better part of the year

WWE RAW Women’s Champion Sasha Banks will be in for the fight of her life when she enters the the PPG Paints Arena this Sunday at Roadblock: End of the Line in Pittsburgh, PA in an Iron-Man match against bitter rival Charlotte. 

To promote the event, Sasha visited Mark Madden for an exclusive interview. Some of the talking points of the interview were related to women’s wrestling becoming a game changer in the WWE and her long-standing rivalry with Charlotte Flair. 

Speaking about her rivalry with Charlotte, Sasha made it clear that the match would literally be the ‘End of the Line’ for this rivalry. 

The ‘Legit Boss’ also pointed out that there was no rematch clause this time and the winner of this bout would, in fact, go down in history books as the most dominant and perhaps the greatest female Superstar to ever lace a pair of boots.

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She further said that she was glad to have brought about a shift in women’s wrestling with a number of matches including a Hell In A Cell match, a Falls Count Anywhere match and now an Iron-Man match. 

Banks also stated that finally, the women were on a level playing field with the men as far as the quality of matches were concerned. She said:

“I feel that we're equal, soon, we're not going to be like, 'Hey, that was a great women's match' it's gonna be, 'That's a great match,' period. We are just as equal as the men, as you can see, every single week, we're main eventing, just like the guys.”

Mark then went on to recall a story about Sasha’s wrestling hero Eddie Guerrero from his WCW days.

One night Eddie wore a Los Gringos Locos shirt to the ring and threw it to Mark while pounding his chest. Mark said that he had treasured the shirt as a keepsake from the legend and then revealed that he wanted to present the same shirt to Sasha.

The Legit Boss was at the brink of tears but kept her emotions in check. She said that she was overwhelmed by the gesture.

“Oh my God! Yes. Wow. I'm not going to cry on-air, but oh, wow. That means absolutely everything to me, thank you so much. Oh my gosh...”

Sasha later posted an image on Instagram with the shirt.


Los Gringos locos

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