Sasha Banks seemingly teases a match with 27-year-old star who previously appeared in AEW

Sasha Banks has teased the idea of a match against Miyu Yamashita
Sasha Banks has teased the idea of a match against Miyu Yamashita

Sasha Banks sent the wrestling world into a meltdown after tweeting out a one-word message to Miyu Yamashita.

Yamashita recently took to Twitter to confirm that she has arrived in Spain. Coincidentally, Banks is currently in Barcelona for the World CBD Awards.

Yamashita tweeted out the following update:

"HOLA! Arrived!"

In reaction, the former SmackDown Women's Champion also tweeted out a 'Hola'.

Check out Banks' tweet below:

Earlier this year, Yamashita appeared at AEW Fight For The Fallen, where she unsuccessfully challenged Thunder Rosa for the AEW Women's Championship. The 27-year-old star previously defeated Rosa in Tokyo Joshi Pro and earned herself a shot at the AEW Women's title in the process.

Meanwhile, Banks recently teased a singles match with former WWE star Kairi Sane. Sane left WWE in 2021 and is currently working in World Wonder Ring Stardom, having returned to the promotion earlier this year.

The Boss recently took to Instagram to share an edited match graphic featuring herself and Sane. She added a sticker to the Instagram story that read, "It's so very interesting."

Sane further shared a screengrab of Banks' Instagram story. Could we possibly see the two women face each other for the IWGP Women's Championship? Only time will tell.

How did fans react to Sasha Banks' tweet to Miyu Yamashita?

In reaction to Sasha Banks' tweet to Miyu Yamashita, fans went absolutely berserk on social media.

Fans believe that Banks is teasing the idea of a singles match against Yamashita down the road, as they advised her not to give them hope of a potential showdown between the two.

Twitter users further advised Banks to go to Japan.

Check out the Twitter reactions:

Sasha Banks has been busy with numerous ventures outside the professional wrestling industry since she and Naomi walked out of WWE a few months ago.

It remains to be seen if she will return to the company or to the professional wrestling industry in general.