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WWE News: Scott Hall defends Seth Rollins against claims that he's not a safe wrestler

640   //    07 Nov 2016, 08:16 IST
Scott Hall feels that Rollins is not an unsafe worker

Scott Hall recently spoke with Justin Barrasso in an interview at Sports Illustrated for his Week on Wrestling column. The Hall of Famer touched upon a number of subjects during the interview including the accusations of Seth Rollins being unsafe, Finn Balor, Roman Reigns and an inevitable return by Hulk Hogan.

Hall was protective of the first overall draft pick Seth Rollins. He denied any reports suggesting that Seth might be unsafe in the ring. 

“No, Seth is not dangerous. Certainly Seth was never intending to hurt anybody, and you’ve got to remember that Sting hadn’t wrestled much in the past five years and he was in his fifties.

It’s really becoming en vogue for a lot of these new guys to do moves on the apron. That’s becoming really trendy, and that’s where the ring is really hard. Powerbombing someone on the apron or into the turnbuckle, those are not moves Sting and I grew up with.

He wasn’t really conditioned to take it, he hadn’t practiced it, and I think he whiplashed his 56-year-old neck. It’s a shame to see a guy of that caliber go out with an injury, but he had a great run. But no, Seth is not reckless.”

Scott Hall also said that he felt bad for Finn Balor who was injured at SummerSlam. He was remorseful of the fact that Balor had to get injured at a time when he was at the top of his game and was being pushed to the zenith.

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The WWE Hall of Famer also shed light on how he would’ve booked Roman Reigns.

He said that if he were writing the shows for WWE he would continue to push Roman Reigns. He revealed that the fact that Roman jobbed to Balor on his first night on RAW did not make him happy. He, however, acknowledged that it may have been a repercussion of Reigns violating the WWE Wellness Policy.

Hall also proclaimed that Hulk Hogan would eventually be welcomed back into the WWE. He pointed out that Hogan’s sex tape issue was a glitch in an otherwise majestic career and the entire incident took place when Hogan was in a very bad place with his divorce and his son’s car crash.

He made it clear that in all the years he had been around the Hulkster, he had known him to be a very generous and kind-hearted man.

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