Seth Rollins feels promos are better with no audience in the arena

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins
Modified 29 May 2020

Seth Rollins has claimed that promos are better now with no audience in the arena. The Monday Night Messiah was on WWE Backstage when he spoke about how the fans are able to understand things better with no disturbance around.

The former Universal Champion claims that words sink in a little better when there is nobody around the arena. He adds that the WWE Universe is able to understand the promos better now because they are listening to things better now.

I've actually gotten into a grove doing the promos with nobody in the crowd. I think from an audience perspective it allows the words to sink in a little bit more when there's not an audience around. When they are out there listening, they are going to kind of take the promo where they want to, sometimes. They don't listen to every word that you are saying. You don't get to tell the story that you fully want to tell.

However, Seth Rollins added that it felt good to have boos around him on Monday Night RAW this week. WWE had got a few talents from the Performance Cente to be in the audience during the show and used them to add crowd reactions.

The other night when I went out there it was cool, I went out there for entrance and I got boos, it felt like wrestling again. It was cool in a way... It was cool to get a little bit of that energy back. Just some of the normalcy, it really made it feel like wrestling again."

Seth Rollins also spoke about how he plans to add one more member to his faction but did not reveal the name. He is open to adding more disciples to his group and hinted that the next member is going to be someone very close to him.

Published 27 May 2020
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