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Seth Rollins makes a surprising claim about Aalyah Mysterio on RAW

Aalyah, Murphy, and Seth Rollins.
Aalyah, Murphy, and Seth Rollins.
Modified 22 Sep 2020, 08:46 IST

The Seth Rollins-Mysterios storyline took a weird turn on RAW's latest episode, and we mean really weird. Unwanted levels of weirdness! Seth Rollins came out to the ring with a folder in his hands, and he looked set to make a big revelation about Rey, Angie, Dominik, and Aalyah.

Rollins began his promo by talking about his feud with the Mysterios and how he thought he was done with the family following his Steel Cage match win over Dominik.

While going through the new Mysterio family photos on, Seth Rollins said that a light bulb went off, and he told 'his guy' to conduct an investigation.

A photo of the Mysterio family showed up on the big screen, and Rollins highlighted the differences in the appearance between Rey and his son Dominik.

Seth Rollins was ready to make his big revelation, but he wanted to do it in front of the entire Mysterio family, who came out next and stood near the ramp.

Rey Mysterio cut a promo in which he said that they were done with Seth Rollins' mind games. The Monday Night Messiah responded by saying that he had the DNA test result in his folder. As expected, Rollins revealed that Rey Mysterio was not the birth father of Dominik. Rey Mysterio said that he had already been through the same 'BS' 15 years ago with the Eddie Guerrero incident, and the Mysterios weren't falling for the same shtick again.

Seth Rollins then revealed that his guy might have looked into the wrong Mysterio kid, and Aalyah maybe the who isn't Rey Mysterio's daughter.


Rollins even had concrete evidence to back his claim. Footage of last week's Steel Cage match aired in which Aalyah was shown checking on Murphy near the ring. Seth Rollins explained that a Mysterio would never do something like that. Rey Mysterio responded by saying that he and his daughter had already talked about the incident, and his daughter was raised to be compassionate and caring.

He warned Rollins to keep his daughter out of all the controversy as she is just 19 years old. Aalyah, however, turned and made her way backstage, followed by Rey Mysterio.

Seth Rollins apologized for driving a wedge in the family before having a smirk on his face as he walked up the ramp.

The follow-up backstage segments to the Aalyah Mysterio twist on RAW

Later on in the night, Rey Mysterio was shown trying to explain to his daughter that he was just looking out for her. Aalyah was not happy at being treated like a kid, and she felt that she was mature enough to make her own decisions.


Aalyah walked away once again as a concerned Rey Mysterio was consoled by his wife, Angie.

Another backstage segment aired in which Murphy apologized to Aalyah for Seth Rollins' actions.

Is WWE set to book Aalyah and Murphy as an on-screen couple? How would this affect Seth Rollins' impending feud with his disciple? Will Rey Mysterio manage to keep his family together? What will Aalyah do next? A lot of unanswered questions should be answered in the weeks to follow.

What are your thoughts about the angle?

Published 22 Sep 2020, 08:41 IST
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