"Very stressful to deal with as a talent" - Seth Rollins opens up about working with Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon and Seth Rollins
Rollins opens up about working with Vince McMahon.

Seth Rollins has had plenty of experience working with Vince McMahon over the last decade.

The RAW Superstar made his main roster debut in November of 2012 as part of The Shield and has been part of the company's main event scene ever since.

Seth "Freakin" Rollins was the latest guest on Out of Character with Ryan Satin to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about what it was like to work with Vince McMahon, Rollins described it as a double-edged sword.

“With Vince, there was kind of a double-edged sword. On one hand, you knew exactly who to go to all the time. Every answer needed to go through Vince and there was security in that," Seth Rollins said. "If you needed something, and you needed an answer pronto, he was right there and you knew exactly that if you got a yes from him, nothing else beneath that matter, so that was really cool and you could understand his vision."

Rollins added that McMahon was all over the place and was very stressful to deal with as a talent.

"Once you worked with him for a long enough time, you started to understand that. On the other side of that, he was very flippant. He was all over the place. That was to his credit, like that was part of his genius, but it was also very stressful to deal with as a talent,” added Rollins.
“I feel like I could do anything!”@WWERollins reflected on the evolution of his character over the past decade.#OutOfCharacter w/ @RyanSatin ➡️…

Seth Rollins on how Triple H differs from Vince McMahon

With Vince McMahon no longer part of WWE, it falls upon Triple H to lead the troops going forward.

During the same conversation, the former Universal Champion talked about how Triple H is different from Vince McMahon.

Rollins mentioned that he's excited to see what the future looks like under Triple H and that there's a lot of excitement from the roster currently over how The Game is running things right now.

“He's a very competent general. He's not Vince. Vince has been my only boss here for a decade," Seth Rollins said. "It's a wild changeover and super abrupt which put all of us on our back foot, I think Triple H included. But I'm very excited to see what the future looks like in like three to six months once all of us get our bearings and we know what it's going to be like working with each other. But I do feel like there is a lot of excitement from the roster. That's not a knock on Vince. It's just new is exciting and fresh." [H/T:]
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What do you make of Rollins' comments? Do you think Triple H is doing a better job as of late than Vince McMahon has in previous years? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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