Seth Rollins reveals which NXT Superstar he wants to face

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins
Modified 22 Sep 2020

Seth Rollins was interviewed by Sony Sports India yesterday. During the interview, the Monday Night Messiah was asked about which NXT Superstar he thought could become a star on RAW or SmackDown:

It's so tough to say, you know, because the guy who you didn't ever think were going to make that jump and be successful, say a Braun Strowman who wasn't a big name in NXT really but has still become a monster star, pardon the pun, on SmackDown and RAW.
Then you look at other guys who you think would be shoe-ins, say like a Matt Riddle, and he's kind of having a tough time finding his feet on SmackDown Live. So, it really is hard to say. There are tons of talented guys and girls. I think that someone that stands out to me, only because she's had experience on the main roster now is Rhea Ripley. She knows what it takes to be in the ring with someone like a Charlotte Flair on a WrestleMania. So she has an opportunity, when her time comes, to really make an impact on RAW or SmackDown.

Seth Rollins on which NXT Superstar he wants to face

Seth Rollins was later asked by a fan about which Superstar from the current NXT roster he would want to face. Seth Rollins said that he wanted to face Roderick Strong of the Undisputed Era and explained why:

There are so many talented guys down there. I was fortunate enough to have a match with Adam Cole a year ago when he came up to RAW for a little while for Survivor Series. I don't know man, Keith Lee was someone I would have said I would have wanted to be in the ring with before he showed up on RAW. For me, I think it might be Roderick Strong only because I've had so many matches with him in the past. It's been legitamately 10 years since we've been in the ring together and so I'd like to see how things go nowadays.

Seth Rollins is currently feuding with Dominik Mysterio on RAW. Rollins defeated Dominik in a steel cage match last week.

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Published 22 Sep 2020
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