Sgt. Slaughter is not happy about Lacey Evans using the Cobra Clutch in WWE (Exclusive)

Sgt. Slaughter used the Cobra Clutch before Lacey Evans
Sgt. Slaughter used the Cobra Clutch before Lacey Evans

Sgt. Slaughter believes WWE should have asked him for permission before Lacey Evans added the Cobra Clutch to her moveset.

Slaughter was one of WWE's top stars in the 1980s and early 1990s. In recent months, Evans has used the Hall of Famer's Cobra Clutch submission move as her finisher. The former Marine's new attire also closely resembles the gear Slaughter wore during his career.

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling Senior Editor Bill Apter, Slaughter questioned why nobody contacted him about Evans replicating his character. He also recalled how a fellow legend, Ted DiBiase Sr., was kind enough to rename the Cobra Clutch when he used it:

"I would think the writer or somebody would call me up and say, 'Hey, you mind if we use the Cobra Clutch?' or maybe call it something else," Slaughter said. "DiBiase brought it in, and when I was gone with G.I. Joe he used it as The Million Dollar Dream." [6:21 – 6:37]

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Watch the video above to hear more from Sgt. Slaughter about several WWE topics, including his admiration for Austin Theory and Finn Balor. He also revealed that he no longer watches SmackDown due to Lacey Evans' presence on the show.

Sgt. Slaughter feels disrespected by Lacey Evans

Like Ted DiBiase Sr., Sgt. Slaughter thinks Lacey Evans should have renamed the Cobra Clutch if she wants to use it in WWE.

Slaughter also used the Camel Clutch at one stage of his career. He did not want to upset the man who made the move famous, The Iron Sheik, so he asked for permission first:

"She could have maybe come up with another name of it, but just to call it the Cobra Clutch (…) I had to end up using the Camel Clutch when I came back because DiBiase was using my hold, so I asked Khosrow [The Iron Sheik], I said, 'Is it okay if I use your move?' 'Oh yes, Sarge, it would be an honor for you to use that.' That's the way the business was," Slaughter continued. [6:40 – 7:07]

The WrestleMania 7 main-eventer added that wrestlers should respect others in the business who came before them:

"You respected your talent and the people that you worked with," Slaughter said. "I would never have used it [the Camel Clutch] unless he [The Iron Sheik] would have said, 'Yes, go ahead and use it,' because he's the one that made it famous." [7:08 – 7:22]

Sgt. Slaughter's daughter has been outspoken about Evans' recent character transformation. In a series of tweets, she accused the SmackDown star of stealing her father's gimmick.

Do you have a problem with Lacey Evans using the Cobra Clutch? Let us know in the comments section below.

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