Photo of Shane McMahon surfaces following WWE departure

Shane McMahon recently returned and left WWE.
Shane McMahon recently returned and left WWE.

A photo of Shane McMahon has surfaced online following his recent departure from WWE.

Shane was heavily involved in booking the men's Royal Rumble match, which reportedly caused a lot of arguments and frustration backstage, so much so that Vince McMahon, Shane's father, had to intervene. The younger McMahon quietly departed the company following the Rumble amid the controversy.

However, in a recent tweet posted by Sharks Rugby owner Marco Masotti, it appears Shane may still be doing work in the company's name.

In the tweet, Masotti and McMahon are seen smiling together as the former wrote about his excitement toward a partnership between Sharks Rugby and WWE.

The revelation is likely to confuse fans, who have been led to believe that Shane's time with WWE is over.

Shane McMahon initially departed WWE in 2009

After one too many disagreements with father Vince and the WWE board, Shane decided it was time to part ways with the company in 2009 to pursue his business ventures.

In 2016, Shane McMahon returned to WWE, interrupting an in-ring segment featuring father Vince and sister Stephanie McMahon to raucous cheers.

In the years following his return, though, fans began to sour on the boss' son, feeling he was over-exposed on WWE TV and would often stand toe-to-toe with much younger, much stronger wrestlers to their detriment.

This came to a boiling point when McMahon was crowned the "Best in the World" in a tournament set up in Saudi Arabia. He was also featured prominently as a heel on SmackDown to the ire of fans.

With Shane currently acting as an ambassador for WWE, it will doubtless raise speculation that the Royal Rumble reports could be part of a larger work.

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