"Shawn Michaels was one"- Former Superstar reacts to The Rock's claim about wrestlers holding him back [Exclusive]

The Rock and DX
The Rock and DX

Former WWE Superstar Ahmed Johnson opened up on The Rock's claim that some wrestlers didn't want him to win the WWE title.

In an interview late last year, The Rock revealed that there were a handful of Superstars who did not want him to win the WWE Championship. The Great One said that The Undertaker was one of the few Superstars who supported him during that time of his career.

Ahmed Johnson spoke with Dr. Chris Featherstone on UnSKripted, and answered several fan questions. When asked about The Rock's claim that some wrestlers tried to stop him from becoming WWE Champion in the late 90s, here's what Johnson had to say:

"Shawn... Shawn Michaels was one. Shawn didn't want anybody to have the belt. And they were saying that I was so new, that I hadn't put my time in, to have the belt."

Johnson also stated that the entire Kliq didn't want him to become a Champion, and it had a lot to do with his race. Shawn Michaels was quite possibly the most difficult wrestler to work with back in the 90s. Over the past several years, several wrestlers have opened up on Michaels' engaging in vicious backstage politics in order to hold back other talent.


WWE eventually made The Rock its top Champion

The Rock was given a WWE Champion reign, despite attempts from his peers to not let it happen. In the end, it turned out to be one of the best decisions Vince McMahon ever made. The Rock went on to become a multiple-time WWE Champion, headlined a bunch of WrestleMania events. He engaged in a historic rivalry with Stone Cold Steve Austin, which gave the fans three memorable WrestleMania matches.

The Rock never faced Shawn Michaels in a singles match, and many fans have speculated that Michaels holding him back in the late 90s was a major reason why The Great One chose to never have a program with him.

The Rock is the most popular wrestler in the world today, thanks to his fame as a Hollywood star. He wrestled his last match in 2016, but there are chances that he will come back for a match with Roman Reigns somewhere down the line.

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