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Shawn Michaels sends video invitation to Cricket legend Freddie Flintoff - "Be careful what you ask for!"

Shawn Michaels wants to see Freddie Flintoff in a WWE ring.
Shawn Michaels wants to see Freddie Flintoff in a WWE ring.
Modified 15 Jan 2021

Shawn Michaels has recorded a video message for English Cricket legend Freddie Flintoff and Actor Tom Davis after the pair jokingly expressed interest in taking on the Superstars of WWE's NXT UK brand.

In the video posted on NXT UK's official Twitter page, the WWE Hall of Famer informs Freddie Flintoff and Davis that they would be more than welcome to try their hand in the world of professional wrestling, once the world has recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is what Shawn Michaels had to say in his message to Freddie Flintoff and Tom Davis:

"I'm addressing this to Freddie Flintoff and Tom Davis. Now, it's my understanding that you two gentlemen - and rightly so, by the way - have become huge fans of NXT UK. First of all I wanted to tell you how much, on behalf of NXT UK and all of the NXT UK Superstars, we thank you very much that you appreciate our fantastic show. Also I've heard, here and there, that you guys may be thinking about putting your toe in the water of the NXT UK Superstars. I just wanna tell you, be careful what you ask for, because between you and me, I've got no problem delivering on that. So, in all seriousness, somewhere down the road, when hopefully our world gets back to a little bit more normalcy, you guys can come visit us personally and see if you can really walk the walk, OK? You've done a great job of talking the talk. Now it's time to see the rubber meet the road."

Freddie Flintoff trained with WWE in the past

As it turns out, Freddie Flintoff already has a history with WWE, having spent some time training with the promotion.

During a podcast, the Ashes winner revealed he was set to be "fast-tracked" to a big pay per view, before an injury dreailed his plans.

“What happened was, I needed a job. I used to love wrestling as a kid. I love the Undertaker. Wanna fight this lad in Manchester. I presented [it] to Sky — they loved it, put me in touch with WWE, next thing I know I’m on a plane, I’m off to Tampa to wrestling school. I bulked up and trained. Two days I was there, just getting battered, broke two ribs, did a few pieces to camera. Thought nothing [more] of it.
“Then I got a letter or an email from WWE saying, ‘Will you join us?’ They said, ‘Come to wrestling school, we’ll fast-track you, in 18 months you’ll be doing WrestleManias, Royal Rumbles.’ And I’m thinking, ‘I didn’t go for this, but with [the] money involved, I’m quite tempted.'” H/T WrestlingInc

Time will tell as to whether or not Freddie Fintoff will take The Heartbreak Kid up on his offer.

Published 15 Jan 2021, 22:37 IST
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