"She was really worried" - Jim Ross says top female star felt having tattoos would hurt her WWE career

Jim Ross (left) and Lita's tattoos (right)
Jim Ross (left) and Lita's tattoos (right)
Lennard Surrao

The latest edition of Jim Ross' 'Grilling JR' podcast focused on John Cena's WWE run in 2006. It's a well-accepted fact that The Cenation Leader had one of his best feuds ever against Edge during that phase.

Edge's rise in WWE would not have been possible without Lita's contributions as an effective on-screen valet. JR spoke at length about the former WWE Women's Champion's early days in the promotion.

Jim Ross revealed that Lita was quite concerned about her prospects in WWE as she thought having tattoos would hinder her career.

"She was really worried when I had my first meeting with her about her tattoo because I've been warned. This is how times have changed. Well, now you know she has got a tattoo. Can you imagine today if tattoos were taboo?" said Jim Ross.

The creative group agreed with Jim Ross's opinion of Lita


Jim Ross was quick to note that being heavily inked didn't stop several wrestlers from having successful WWE careers. Lita even showed JR her tattoos during a backstage meeting, and the veteran announcer was least surprised by her fondness for body art.

Jim Ross even recalled telling Vince McMahon that Lita had a few tattoos and was 'edgy.' Ross, however, saw a lot of potential in Lita, and he wanted to get her a WWE contract.

WWE's creative team also saw a future star in Lita, and she was deservedly signed and given a healthy push in the company.

"How about the women? There are a lot of women who have got plenty of tats. It's just the way it is, man! That's a fashion statement," added Jim Ross. "So, she [Lita] was worried about that, and I remember taking her to the office. She had a nice little suit on, a skirt, and a jacket, and she took off her jacket to show me her tattoo. I was like, 'Hey, it's cool.' I knew what it was. Lots of ink on her arm. She was worried about that hurting her, and it didn't."
"I told Vince, 'She's got tattoos; she is a little edgy,'" Jim Ross continued. "And I don't think edgy was bad. I said, 'But she is really, really good.' I'm going to hire her. If the creative has the same feeling about her after meeting her that I do, you've got a winner on your hands. Luckily enough, the creative group agreed with my assessment, and off she went."

During the most recent Grilling JR, Jim Ross also revealed whether Lita had any backstage issues about being involved in a controversial RAW segment from 2006.

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