"She's doing a good job" - Jim Cornette surprisingly admits to being a fan of 29-year-old WWE star

Jim Cornette heaped praise on a current WWE star
Jim Cornette heaped praise on a current WWE star

Jim Cornette has surprisingly admitted that he's now a big fan of a current WWE personnel. While reviewing the Backlash Premium Live Event on his podcast, the wrestling veteran praised Samantha Irvin.

The 29-year-old serves as the ring announcer for the RAW brand, which she joined last year after being on SmackDown. She has garnered much praise from fans, wrestlers, and veterans for her personality as an announcer and her delivery. She has a unique way of announcing certain superstars like Chelsea Green, Ludwig Kaiser, and Gunther, which makes her stand out.

Speaking on the latest edition of the Jim Cornette Experience, the WWE veteran stated that he has been sold on Samantha Irvin and thinks she's doing a great job as a ring announcer.

"I will say coming good out of this match [Bayley vs. Naomi vs. Tiffany Stratton]. Samantha Irvin has sold me or, won me, or bought me. She's got me in her camp... whatever the term is. I'm a Samantha Irvin fan now. The inflections, the facials, she's standing there. She's doing a good job. I wanted to praise her there," said Cornette. [0:48-1:18]

Jim Cornette on the old WWE regime making Samantha Irvin tone it down

Samantha Irvin was once informed by a former WWE executive to tone down her ring announcing, and she stopped doing her special intro for Chelsea Green.

Jim Cornette said the old WWE regime would be crazy if they told Samantha Irvin to tone it down. He even compared her to UFC announcer Bruce Buffer.

"They're crazy if they were trying to tell her to tone it down because she comes off doing this more like the Bruce Buffer, the good buffer in the family, Bruce Buffer type of introduction," said Cornette. [2:00-2:15]

During the podcast, Jim Cornette added that he was impressed with Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair as a tag team. He even called them the Road Warriors of women's tag teams.

Is Samantha Irvin one of your favorite ring announcers of all time?

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