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"She said 'yes', he said 'HELP'! "- Former US Champion reacts to Mia Yim and Keith Lee's engagement

Mia Yim and Keith Lee
Mia Yim and Keith Lee
Modified 12 Feb 2021

The Hurt Business member Shelton Benjamin had a hilarious reaction to Mia Yim's engagement announcement on Twitter.

Mia Yim, now known as Reckoning, recently posted a tweet announcing her engagement to her partner and fellow WWE Superstar, Keith Lee. The RETRIBUTION member received wishes from several WWE Superstars and other wrestling personalities on her announcement, but Shelton Benjamin's tweet stood out among all.

Benjamin posted a hilarious response to Mia Yim's tweet, as can be seen below:

Shelton Benjamin and Mia Yim are incredibly close in real life

Shelton Benjamin came up to WWE's main roster way back in 2002 and had a successful mid-card stint for almost a decade. He returned to WWE in 2017 and has been a mainstay on the roster ever since. Mia Yim has been with WWE for the past three years. Mia Yim and Shelton Benjamin opened up in the past about Yim dealing with domestic abuse and how Benjamin helped her.

Yim: “He pushed me on the bed and I just- there was a towel and so I fell on the towel and then he wrapped the towel around my neck and started like choking me… Shelton who’s my brother. He’s my big brother. Ugh I hate saying it out loud but I love him so much.”
Benjamin: “Like I said she’s my little sister I love her to death and it’s funny, even with our little banters back and forth on Twitter and Instagram and everything it’s all love. It’s all fun”
Yim: “He pretty much offered up his home for me. The minute he found out, immediately he was like ‘I’ll get you a plane ticket. You get outta there. I got you.”
Benjamin: “You can come stay with me, I don’t care. She’s like ‘yeah but it’s not a big deal’, I’m like ‘no. That’s a problem. That’s a problem the first time not 50 times later. Girl you need to get outta that.’ And she wasn’t ready to get out and she’s like ‘well we can’t hang out because he’s jealous of you’ and I was like ‘out of respect for you and your relationship, yes that’s fine.'”
Yim: “He respected that because he didn’t want me to deal with more stress. So he backed off but it was comforting to know that he would still like randomly be like ‘hey I’m still here for you'”.

Mia Yim and Benjamin are usually seen making fun of and taking light-hearted jibes at each other on social media. Yim considers Benjamin her big brother, and the two Superstars share a very special bond.

Published 12 Feb 2021, 15:39 IST
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