Sid Vicious claims Bret Hart was overrated while Shawn Michaels was underrated

  • Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart's rivalry was one for the ages.
  • Michaels and Hart faced off against each other on numerous occasions back in the day.
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Bret Hart (left) vs Shawn Michaels is arguably one of the biggest rivalries of all time
Bret Hart (left) vs Shawn Michaels is arguably one of the biggest rivalries of all time

WWE veteran Sid Vicious was recently in conversation with The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast and during the interview, the former two-time WWF World Heavyweight Champion discussed a host of topics, including his relationship with Shawn Michaels and why he felt Bret Hart was overrated back in the day.

Sid Vicious says Bret Hart was overrated while Shawn Michaels was underrated

During his recent appearance on The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast, Sid Vicious opened up on his on-screen relationship with WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels and why he never had any sort of issues with 'The Heartbreak Kid' despite several people claiming that the latter was hard to deal with back in the mid-90s.

"I never had any experiences with anyone who was hard to deal with, just some people weren't that talented. I think Shawn's reputation was really unwarranted. I don't know how he got it. He did a few stupid things but we all did stupid things, but not anything to get the reputation he got," said Sid.

Vicious further added that usually, the majority of the WWE (then WWF) personnel did not have a hard time with Michaels, except his arch-rival Bret Hart. And regardless of their personal issues, HBK worked hard to have good matches with 'The Hitman'.

The two-time WWF World Champion also said that it was Michaels who usually made the most out of the triple-threat matches involving himself, Vicious, and Hart. Vicious also claimed that HBK didn't have an ego like Hart did.

"I never saw anyone that he had a hard time except maybe for Bret. Even with that, Shawn worked really hard to have good matches with him. Some of the first three-way matches that ever took place, at least the first that I've ever done, were with me and Shawn and Bret. Really what made those three-way matches was Shawn. He didn't have an ego like Bret did where Bret would say, 'I don't know if this is good for Bret Hart,' just silly stuff like that. When people talk in third person, that always is a red flag that things aren't gonna be that great.

Vicious concluded his statement by claiming that he always felt Hart was a little overrated, whereas Michaels didn't get enough credit for what he did and wasn't highly rated enough.

"Bret was a little overrated where Shawn maybe wasn't rated highly enough."

What was Shawn Michaels' on-screen relationship with Sid Vicious like?

Upon his return to WWF in 1995, Sid Vicious, under the new name of Sycho Sid, formed an alliance with Shawn Michaels and became the latter's on-screen bodyguard. The two men had quite the time together on WWE TV before Vicious eventually split up with HBK and got into a feud against his former ally.


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Published 14 May 2020, 03:30 IST
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