Former WWE star on the backstage reaction to Jinder Mahal becoming Champion (Exclusive)

Jinder Mahal with the WWE Championship during his short run
Jinder Mahal with the WWE Championship during his short run

Jinder Mahal stunned the world in 2017, when he rose from lower down the card to become the WWE Champion. It was said at the time that the title was put around his waist for WWE to capitalize on the strong Indian market.

Not everyone was a fan of Jinder Mahal's short-lived reign, but how did the locker room react to the same? According to Cinta De Oro, known during his WWE stint as Sin Cara, the reaction was quite positive.

You can check out the entire conversation with Dr. Chris Featherstone from Sportskeeda Wrestling on the video down below. He talks about a variety of topics, from his own stint in the company to Rey and Dominik Mysterio and more!


How did the locker room react to Jinder Mahal's win?

According to the former Sin Cara, the locker room was quite supportive of Jinder Mahal's victory.

"It's always an amazing story when you see the underdog, someone you never would expect to get to the top, like Jinder, like Drew, like Kofi Kingston. Those stories are amazing of guys persevering. Because he left the company and he came back. And he performed in a way that the company wanted him to be the top guy." said Cinta.

In fact, Jinder Mahal's performance inspired Sin Cara to believe that if Mahal could reach the top spot, so could he!

"Jinder is a very nice guy also. I can't say nothing bad about him. He worked really hard to get his physique better to that level that he wanted. So, it was an awesome feeling for a lot of us. The reaction was great," said Cinta.

While Cinta De Oro is no longer with the company, Jinder Mahal is still a part of the RAW brand leading an Indian faction into battle every week. Veer and Shanky are two members of his collective.

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