Soulja Boy finally responds to Randy Orton's challenge; compares net worth with The Viper

Randy Orton and Soulja Boy
Randy Orton and Soulja Boy

American rapper Soulja Boy has finally accepted Randy Orton's challenge for a fight in one of his latest tweets.

Just when the WWE Universe thought that the Twitter war between Randy Orton and rapper Soulja Boy had come to an end, The Viper struck again with a huge insult on Twitter. Last night on WWE RAW, former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Sheamus battled in the squared circle, and the backs of both Superstars were heavily bruised following the contest.

Randy Orton took to Twitter to call out Soulja Boy while showing him McIntyre and Sheamus' bruises. Soulja Boy has been calling WWE 'fake' for a while now, and the 14-time World Champion hasn't been too pleased with it.

Now, Soulja Boy has responded to Randy Orton's tweet and has finally accepted his challenge for a fight. A week ago, Orton had dared Soulja Boy to enter a WWE ring and hang with him.

Here's the screenshot of Soulja Boy's reply to Orton:

Soulja Boy reacts to Orton's latest dig at him
Soulja Boy reacts to Orton's latest dig at him

Soulja Boy posted another response to the former WWE Champion, and this one's certainly bound to ruffle some feathers. In this tweet, the rapper compared net worths with Orton. As per the stats mentioned in the images that he shared, Soulja Boy's net worth is $30 million, while Orton's is $11 million.

Soulja Boy compares net worths with Orton
Soulja Boy compares net worths with Orton

Randy Orton's response to Soulja Boy is certainly going to be interesting

It's a given that Randy Orton won't let these tweets slide by, and a response from The Viper is certainly going to come in a few hours. Now that Soulja Boy has accepted Orton's challenge, will The Viper go out of his way to talk to WWE authorities about a possible match with the rapper? Looking at Orton's latest tweets berating Soulja Boy, it's clear as day that he won't go easy on the rapper if he gets an opportunity to get in the ring with him.

Do you want to see The Apex Predator and Soulja Boy have a match on WWE TV? Sound off!

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