Star who was injured 10 days ago relinquishes her title and puts pro wrestling career on "indefinite hiatus"

The news left many of her fans dumbstruck (via WWE
The news left many of her fans dumbstruck (Image via WWE's website)

A pro wrestling star has announced that an injury has forced her to put her in-ring career on an "indefinite hiatus." The star in question is Edith Surreal.

Surreal is one of the most popular stars on the independent scene. She has been wrestling since early 2018 and is best known for her run in Chikara.

In a new Instagram post, the pro wrestling star revealed she won't defend her Enjoy Championship next weekend and that she will be relinquishing her title due to a head injury she suffered during a match about 10 days ago. She further said that she is putting her in-ring career on indefinite hiatus due to the injury.

Here's what she wrote:

"10 days ago, I was injured during a match. As a result, I am not able to defend my Enjoy Championship next weekend at Immaculate and I will be relinquishing the title. This is my 3rd major head injury. After talks with my doctor and family, I have decided that I must put my in-ring wrestling career on indefinite hiatus. Thank you to everyone who has supported and believed in me. I have achieved more than I ever thought I could. Every match has been a dream come true. Love, Edie."

Has Edith Surreal's pro wrestling career come to an end?

There's no telling what's in store for Edith Surreal in the future. As of now, though, she will seemingly not return to the squared circle anytime soon. Considering the fact that this was the wrestler's third head injury, it wouldn't be a wise decision to ignore the doctors' advice and step back into the ring.

Surreal wrestled her final pro wrestling match on May 26, 2024. The Six-Way match contested for the "Element of Surprise" trophy was won by Mr. Grim. The other participants in the bout were Surreal, A-Game, Cosmic, Darius Carter, and MaidKira.

For those unaware, Surreal was trained by Orange Cassidy and Drew Gulak before she made it big on the independent scene.

The Sportskeeda Wrestling community sends its best wishes to Edith Surreal!