Returning Star challenges Utami Hayashishita for the World of Stardom Championship

Utami Hayashishita has been the World of Stardom Champion for over a year.
Utami Hayashishita has been the World of Stardom Champion for over a year.

Former Oedo Tai member Hazuki has challenged Utami Hayashishita for the latter's World of Stardom Championship.

Having initially retired from in-ring competition in late 2019, Hazuki returned to Stardom in August 2021. Her comeback match took place months prior during the Hana Kimura Matane in May.

Stardom held its 10th Anniversary Grand Final Osaka Dream Cinderella show on pay-per-view this evening, 9th October 2021, at Osaka-Jo Hall in Osaka, Japan. Hazuki, in her first match for the company since December 2019, defeated Koguma. In the main event, Utami Hayashishita retained the World of Stardom Championship against Takumi Iroha in a contest that lasted over half an hour.

After the match, Hazuki came to the ring and challenged Utami Hayashishita for her championship. Hazuki wasn’t the only one looking for gold, as Donna del Mondo member Maika also came to the ring to challenge for the red belt. Stablemate Syrui, who has just won the 5Star Grand Prix tournament, is also set to challenge Utami Hayashishita at a later date.

World of Wonder Stardom's official Twitter account tweeted this out after the event:

"Hazuki appears and announces the challenge of Utami Hayashishita to the World Championship!"

Can Hazuki dethrone Utami Hayashishita?

Now, that is the big question, and the honest answer is no. Apart from her two in-ring comebacks this year, Hazuki has been away from the squared circle for a long time.

Yes, she won her bout at the latest Stardom event, but can she really knock off the queen of Stardom?

Hazuki in Stardom.
Hazuki in Stardom.

Hazuki is also set to participate in the Goddess of Stardom tag team tournament this December and is looking to pair up with Koguma.

What about Syrui? She is set to face off against whoever is the World of Stardom Champion when the time comes. But who the titleholder will be is the question on everyone’s lips.

For right now, Hazuki needs to take a back seat and focus on the tag tournament, while Syrui can set her sights on Utami Hayashishita and the most prestigious prize in all of Stardom.

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