Stone Cold vs. Stunning Steve: Austin picks a winner between his WWE and WCW personas (Exclusive)

Stone Cold Steve Austin (left); Stunning Steve Austin (right)
Stone Cold Steve Austin (left); Stunning Steve Austin (right)
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WWE legend Steve Austin has given his thoughts on what would have happened if his Stone Cold and Stunning Steve personas ever fought each other.

The wrestling icon performed as Stunning Steve Austin in WCW between 1991 and 1995. He later joined WWE, where he became known as Stone Cold Steve Austin. The anti-authority Stone Cold gimmick is widely regarded as one of the greatest wrestling characters ever.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling Senior Editor Bill Apter, Austin made it clear that his Stone Cold persona was far superior to Stunning Steve:

“Stunning Steve Austin wouldn’t have standed a chance. He was somewhat of a technician. A lot of people do this, they try to model their career after someone else, and I was trying to model my career at that time to Nature Boy Ric Flair, because I thought he was the greatest thing going. The way he traveled all over the world defending the world championship, I was modeling my game after The Nature Boy. There's never gonna be another one of him.” [0:24-0:55]

In the video above, Austin gives his honest thoughts on Ric Flair’s decision to return to the ring at the age of 73.

Steve Austin reflects on his Stone Cold run in WWE

Initially known as The Ringmaster in WWE, Steve Austin quickly realized that his wrestling technician gimmick was not going to resonate with fans. The six-time WWE Champion underwent a drastic transformation in early 1996 when he shaved his head and adopted the Stone Cold nickname.

Comparing that character to his Stunning Steve gimmick, Austin admitted his Ric Flair-esque WCW persona was nowhere near the level of Stone Cold:

“I turned into Stone Cold due to some physical limitations, but I made limitations into assets and developed the attitude and the persona and the showbiz part of it, and the swagger and the attitude. Maybe I helped usher in the Attitude [Era], along with several other people. As great of an athlete as Stunning Steve was, the experience factor and the mean streak of Stone Cold, he would have crushed Stunning Steve.” [0:56-1:26]

Which dream opponent would you have liked Steve Austin to face? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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