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WWE News: Tammy "Sunny" Sytch says that she tried to save Chyna before she died

A guilt-ridden Sunny talks about Chyna's passing.

Chyna should have taken Sunny’s offer

What’s the story

In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Tammy “Sunny” Sytch spoke about the passing of Joanie Laurer, who was popularly known to the wrestling fans by her in-ring name “Chyna.”

Sunny said in the interview that she tried to save Chyna from her drug addiction before she died, but lamented that Chyna was not interested in it.

In case you didn’t know...

Joanie “Chyna” Laurer passed away in her home in April 2016. The cause of her death was attributed to her drug addiction problem, with the medical report stating that she passed away due to taking a fatal cocktail of prescription drugs and alcohol. 

The death of Chyna has been a heavy blow to wrestling fans who were eagerly hoping for her Hall of Fame induction and return to the WWE, a company that she had contributed so much to in the past.    

The heart of the matter

Sunny, who is a fellow Women’s wrestler and was a long-time friend of Chyna, recently spoke with TMZ Sports regarding Chyna’s passing. Sunny noted that she herself was in rehab during the time.

She revealed that she would FaceTime with Chyna every night before getting into rehab. During one of the conversations, she had revealed to Chyna about her intentions of going into through rehab and had asked her to join as well.

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Sunny, during the call, told Chyna about the possibility of a reality show surrounding their rehab and recovery. Chyna, however, declined the offer because she thought that she knew what she was doing and didn’t need to go to a rehab at the time. 

Sunny stated that she felt guilty on hearing the news of Chyna’s passing. She lamented that if Laurer had gone with her to rehab, then she would still be alive. You can check out the full interview below:

Sportskeeda’s take

If Chyna would have accepted Sunny’s offer to go into rehab together, there is a possibility that she might not have passed away. It is to be noted here that Sunny went into rehab with WWE’s help and the reality show that Sunny was talking about was very much a possibility in case Chyna was willing to go rehab with her. 

While Chyna didn’t want to go to rehab in the first place, a WWE-funded rehab might have just been too souring for her to take. The bad blood between WWE and Chyna is well documented and it makes one wonder what Chyna’s decision would have been if WWE was not involved in Sunny’s rehab.

Regardless of where the offer came from, Chyna should have taken Sunny’s offer and gone into rehab with her. We at Sportskeeda sincerely hope that Chyna will be inducted into the Hall of fame some day

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