Teddy Long explains how present-day WWE stars would have performed in the Attitude Era (Exclusive)

Teddy Long recently shared some interesting thoughts
Teddy Long recently shared some interesting thoughts [Image via WWE.com]

According to a WWE Hall of Famer, several current day stars would have done better in the Attitude Era than now. Teddy also explained his surprising perspective.

While WWE is currently laxing some of its more PG rules, the Attitude Era was the peak of unrestricted entertainment. Several rather explicit segments were booked and presented at that time, and the stars had much more liberty with their performances.

Speaking on Sportskeeda's The Wrestling Time Machine hosted by Mac Davis, Teddy Long stated that superstars like Drew McIntyre and Charlotte Flair would have been successful in the Attitude era as well.

"I think they would have (been succesful) because they would have been with some good people. They would've been with people in that Attitude Era that know how to work, how to really care about their job and concentrate on what it means to be in that ring and to sell, and to do what you are supposed to do. So I think they would have been in at the right time." [5:05 onwards]

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The WWE Hall of Famer also commented on AJ Styles' retirement segment

Teddy Long was recently asked about his thoughts on AJ Styles' segment with Cody Rhodes, where he pretended to tease his retirement.

Speaking on another episode of The Wrestling Time Machine, the Hall of Famer stated that AJ's segment was not exactly "fake" but worth commending.

"Let's not use the word fake, I hate that... Whatever they do, it's all a work from beginning to end. Now sometimes things get real, you know, but that just happens, you know what I mean? But everything is basically a work. So what AJ did, that was absolutely fantastic. I liked it and it fooled everybody. That's the main thing. You know that thing got over and it fooled people."

As of now, it remains to be seen what is next for AJ and Cody Rhodes down the line in WWE.

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