“I knew I wouldn’t work for WWE eventually” - Tenille Dashwood opens up about life after her release

Tenille Dashwood as Emma in WWE
Tenille Dashwood as Emma in WWE

Tenille Dashwood, formerly known as Emma, has opened up about her life after WWE, stating that she harbors no ill will toward the company.

Dashwood, who also performed under the moniker Emmalina in WWE, parted ways with the wrestling juggernaut in 2017. She is currently signed to IMPACT Wrestling, where she competes as part of a tag team called The Influence.

During a recent interview with Graham Matthews of Daily DDT, Tenille revealed that she'd already prepared herself for her release. She did so by starting a business which allowed her to continue doing what she enjoyed.

“There’s different mindsets, isn’t there? Some people can leave WWE and it’s hard for them to find their footing,” said Dashwood. “For me, I guess in ways I had already prepared myself for that day because I knew inevitably I wouldn’t work for WWE eventually, and when that time comes, am I going to pick up everything I have and move back home to Australia and start again? No, that’s not what I want. So I did what I could to get ready by starting a business on the side and investing in things like setting up my travel and lifestyle so I could continue all the things that I loved and enjoyed.”
"Now you'll see the makeover from Emma. Thank you." - @EmmaWWE #RAW

Tenille Dashwood says she's grateful for her time in WWE

Tenille Dashwood's last match in WWE was on the October 23 2017 episode of Monday Night RAW, where she was defeated by Asuka. It was a rematch from their collision at that year's TLC, which saw The Empress of Tomorrow make her main roster debut.

Dashwood believes she had a great career in WWE and doesn't hold any resentment toward the company:

“People are often in this bubble in WWE,” she said. “I had an amazing career there and I’m very grateful for it. People will ask, ‘Do you wish you could go back?’ or ‘Do you have any hard feelings?’ and I don’t. What I was doing was perfect for my life then and what I’m doing is perfect for my life now. That influenced where I am now and I’m grateful for the journey.”

Tenille Dashwood seems to have found her footing and is now one of the top female stars in IMPACT Wrestling. It would be great to see her as Knockouts Champion in the near future.

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