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Text messages between Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy revealed on RAW

Aalyah Mysterio, Seth Rollins and Murphy.
Aalyah Mysterio, Seth Rollins and Murphy.
Modified 29 Sep 2020

The Mysterio Family were on Jerry 'The King' Lawler's King's Court on the RAW after Clash of Champions, and the segment, as expected, furthered the ongoing storyline between the Mysterios and Seth Rollins and the angle featuring Aalyah and Murphy.

It all began with Seth Rollins approaching a visibly disturbed Murphy backstage. The Monday Night Messiah had his black suit on, and he hugged his disciple and asked him to lighten up as it was a big night all because of the King's Court segment.

Rollins ordered Murphy to go and try out the suit he had bought for him. Murphy, however, forgot to take his phone along with him and Seth Rollins managed to get his hands on it.

The former WWE Champion had a devilish grin as he tucked in the phone inside his pocket and the segment came to a close.

The King's Court segment aired on the other side of the commercial break and Rey, Angie, Dominik and Aalyah were in the ring accompanied by Jerry Lawler.

Lawler asked the Mysterios about Seth Rollins' claims from last week. Rey Mysterio said that it's beyond any doubt that Dominik and Aalyah are his children and that Rollins is an evil person who just wants to fabricate lies.

Dominik took the mic and vowed to end the matter with Seth Rollins whenever he meets him next.

Lawler then spoke about how Aalyah got upset with Rey Mysterio after he called her naive last week. Aalyah explained that while she is a little upset, she is still 19 at the end of the day, and she understood her parents' perspective. Aalyah added that it was Murphy who came looking for her and it wasn't the other way round. She ended her statement by saying that the people who associate themselves with Seth Rollins needs to reevaluate their choices in life.


Seth Rollins showed up on the big screen next, and he revealed that Aalyah was not completely honest with her family about how she really felt about Murphy.

The Monday Night Messiah said he had proof before going on to show the text messages that were shared between Aalyah and Murphy.

You can see view the text messages between Aalyah and Murphy below as revealed on RAW:

Rollins highlighted the fact that Rey Mysterio has been in the dark about Aalyah and Murphy's budding friendship.


Aalyah stormed out of the ring with Rey, Angie and Dominik following her backstage.

Murphy confronted Rollins behind the scenes, and he was least happy with the text messages being shown on the big screen. Murphy grabbed Rollins by his neck, but Dominik rushed in from nowhere and attacked the former Cruiserweight Champion.

WWE officials broke up the brawl, and it was later confirmed that Murphy would face Dominik in a singles match on RAW.

Published 29 Sep 2020, 07:28 IST
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