"That is a huge, huge, huge mistake" - Vince Russo sends a message to top WWE executive [Exclusive]

Vince Russo has a suggestion on how RAW can improve
Vince Russo has a suggestion on how RAW can improve

This week's episode of WWE RAW was certainly not one of the better shows we have seen so far this year. Vince Russo was highly critical of this week's RAW but had some tips on what WWE can do to improve the show.

Vince Russo is a former writer for WWE and WCW. He also held a creative role in TNA Wrestling.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW show, Russo had a message for WWE President Nick Khan with some advice on how to improve the current product. Russo stressed that WWE needs cliffhangers and others angles on the show to promote the following week's episode. Here's how Russo explained it:

"Let me talk to Nick Khan here, who's taking over the company. Let me explain something from a business perspective. You want stuff you can promote for next week. This stuff needs to mean something so that you have a jump going in to next week," Russo said. "Look at the way this show ended. Why am I watching next week? There's no reason to watch next week. When you keep making these matches on the fly this week then what are you promoting for next week? That is a huge, huge, huge mistake that you guys make."


Vince Russo says there are too many tag team matches on WWE RAW

Vince Russo was also critical of the number of multi-person matches we have been seeing on Monday Night RAW. This week's RAW featured four tag team matches. Russo was not a fan of the decision, saying that he felt most six or eight-person tag team matches did not add a lot of importance to the show:

"I haven't watched AEW in about three months but I was very critical of them because everything was a four-man, a six-man, an eight-man but that's what this [RAW] is turning into," added Russo. "You want to have one tag, maybe two, but I mean the six-man, the tag, the six-woman, none of it means anything. No tag match, no six-man, no eight-woman, those matches mean nothing. Zero. Absolutely nothing."

Vince Russo also gave his opinion on how WWE booked Randy Orton on RAW earlier this week. You can check out that story HERE.

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