'It's not going to stop here'- The Bollywood Boyz on why their WWE releases will not deter them (Exclusive)

Gurv and Harv Sihra are really motivated for the future
Gurv and Harv Sihra are really motivated for the future

WWE released The Bollywood Boyz in June 2021, along with a whole bunch of other notable names from the company. Harv and Gurv Sihra were gracious enough to catch up with Sportskeeda Wrestling for an exclusive chat where they spoke about a variety of subjects.

To hear The Bollywood Boyz speak about their WWE releases, advice received from Shawn Michaels, Jinder Mahal's new henchmen, 24/7 Championship stint, and much more, click on the link given right below. Even though they've lost their jobs, The Bollywood Boyz are optimistic about their future after their WWE run.


The Bollywood Boyz felt a sense of relief after being released by WWE

Harv Sihra believes that despite the disappointment, there was a sense of relief when The Bollywood Boyz received news of their release:

"When you get that news, it sucks the wind out of you because losing your job is never easy in any circumstance, for anybody around the world. But at the same time there was a sense of relief because I believe that there's so much potential to what we can do. And I feel like we didn't actually ever get a run as a tag team. I felt that was on the cusp. In that sense, it was like okay, you know, it's not going to stop here. Let's go get it somewhere else where we feel like we can shine," said Harv Sihra.

Gurv Sihra considers it yet another hurdle in their path that the brothers will overcome in time.

"It was never like we started crying or like, it's over. It was more like okay brother, we've been through hurdles in our life before and through our career and again, we're going to get over this one, we're going to succeed and we're gonna carry on," said Gurv Sihra.

Do you guys think that The Bollywood Boyz was underutilized during their WWE run? Where do you think they should end up? Sound off in the comments section below.

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