The Brawling Brutes name WWE RAW tag team as potential rivals for 2023

The Brawling Brutes have their eyes set on a few teams for 2023.
The Brawling Brutes have their eyes set on a few teams for 2023.

The beginning of the year gives people a lot of hope for potential matchups and the Brawling Brutes have their eyes set on a specific RAW team in 2023.

Appearing on WWE's The Bump, Ridge Holland spoke about wanting to face off against a few specific teams throughout the year, with one of them being members of the RAW brand.

"At the end of the day, it doesn't matter who's in front of us. We are just ready to get into a fight, win, lose, or draw. As long as it's a good fight we will get up and wipe the snot, the blood, the sweat off our faces. There are a few teams, The Judgment Day, we tangled with them once before. Imperium, we have a bit of history with those guys and I feel after this past SmackDown we have some unfinished business we all want again. Any and all comers, we still have a lot to prove. [17:35 - 18:05].

These teams have faced off once before as they competed in a six-man tag team match against The Judgment Day on the November 21, 2022 episode of Monday Night RAW, with the Brawling Brutes picking up the victory.

Butch discussed his intentions for the group to hold WWE tag team gold as they are looking to have a lock on the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships.

"Sheamus and Drew [McIntyre] are going to win the tag titles and we are going to get the first shot." [18:13 - 18:18]

The group are not afraid to fight for championships against all opponents, including those incoming from RAW or within their own group.

Will the Brawling Brutes be able to capture the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships?

The Smackdown Tag Team Championships have been with The Usos for 547 days and counting. The Bloodline duo were able to defeat Dominik and Rey Mysterio on the Money in the Bank 2021 Kickoff show and have held onto the titles ever since. However, there is a tournament going on to name a new number one contender.

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre were able to advance to the semifinals of the Smackdown Tag Team Championship Number One Contender's Tournament with a victory over the Viking Raiders, while the other two members of The Brawling Brutes were defeated in the opening round by Imperium on the opposite side of the bracket.

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