"The crowd is gonna boo me no matter what" - Former WWE Superstar on working with Rey Mysterio

Former SmackDown star John Morrison defeated Rey Mysterio to begin his third Intercontinental Championship run in WWE
Former SmackDown star John Morrison defeated Rey Mysterio to begin his third Intercontinental Championship run in WWE

Rey Mysterio is an industry legend. He has had some of the finest moments a pro wrestler could warrant in his career in WWE. The luchador has held various titles over the course of his career. At one point, back in 2009, he held the Intercontinental Championship and had a remarkable run with it.

Former WWE Superstar John Hennigan (fka John Morrison) dethroned The Biggest Little Man to capture the gold on the September 4 episode of SmackDown. Hennigan spoke to Chris Van Vliet about some of the proudest moments of his career and singled out working with Rey Mysterio.

He stated that what made him really happy was that despite working with the ultimate babyface in the industry, he too was cheered during the contest.

"Wrestling Rey in Cleveland of all places, for the IC Title in, I think it might have been 09, was one of my proudest moments because, when you wrestle Rey Mysterio you think like, like, the crowd is gonna boo me no matter what," Hennigan chuckled. "And um, I was really excited that the crowd was cheering for me. Um, they're cheering for him more," laughs again, then continues, "but their cheering for both of us." [54:02-54:28]

You can read more about John Hennigan talking about almost working with Bad Bunny at WrestleMania here.

John Hennigan on Shawn Michaels role in the Logan Paul matches in WWE

During the interview with Chris Van Vliet, Hennigan also spoke about Logan Paul and how much of a factor Shawn Michaels played in helping The Maverick train prior to his big matches in WWE.

“I don't know if anyone's had their first three matches rehearsed as much as he's rehearsed his three matches either, especially like working one on one with Shawn Michaels. Who in the business can say that they worked for a month on one match with Shawn Michaels before they had that match. It's no wonder it was a great match. He's working with one of the best minds, best in-ring technicians and performers in the history of the business individually for a month for one match.” [34:59-35:38]

John Hennigan is awaiting a huge boxing match against Harley Morenstein at Creator Clash 2 in the former's his boxing debut.

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