The Great Khali and his wife comment on "dream" WWE Hall of Fame induction

WWE Hall of Famer The Great Khali
WWE Hall of Famer The Great Khali
The Great Khali is one of WWE's greatest ever giants
The Great Khali is one of WWE's greatest ever giants

Former World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali and his wife Harminder Kaur have commented on Khali's induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Khali signed for WWE in 2006 and found instant success as the company's new intimidating giant. The Punjabi Playboy won the World Heavyweight Championship in 2007 to become the first-ever Indian to capture a WWE world title.

During a recent interview with WWE Now, Khali and his wife expressed their pride after receiving a call regarding the former's Hall of Fame induction last year.

"We were seated in this very place when Ranjin Singh (Khali's manager in WWE) called." Khali stated. Khali's wife Harminder added: "And it was such a surreal moment, a moment of pride. We attended the hall of fame and presumed that we would live this moment sometime when we are old. I was like wow, dream came true there. For me and for him." (From 6:53 to 7:13)
An absolute attraction, The Great Khali brought a physical presence to the ring unlike any other. A proud representative of his country, he’s helped to usher in a new generation of Indian talent who will leave their mark on @WWE! Congratulations Khali!…

With the dust now settled, The Great Khali's WWE career can be looked back on as a tremendous success. The seven-foot-tall superstar created a pathway for many aspiring Indian wrestlers going forward.

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The Great Khali on what Vince McMahon said to him on his WWE debut

Khali's debut had one of the biggest impacts in recent WWE history. The giant attacked The Undertaker on SmackDown after WrestleMania 22 in 2006.

During an interview with Rewind Recap Relive, The Great Khali revealed what Vince McMahon said to him on the night of his debut.

"Vince said, 'I want to make your debut,' but he didn't say who is my opponent. He gives me a call and says, 'come to TV after WrestleMania.' Same day, Michael Hayes said, 'You have a big day. You need to go out during Mark Henry and fighting and you need to 'Kill the The Undertaker.' I was so happy. 'He tried to explain and Vince said, 'Yes! Kill him hard! Not easy.' That moment was really great. All the world knew who was Great Khali. I want to thank Vince McMahon and WWE for making Great Khali. I appreciate Vince McMahon and WWE." (H/T Fightful )
16 years ago today the @greatkhali arrived on #SmackDown and stunned the world by absolutely manhandling The @undertaker.

As somebody with a wealth of experience, The Undertaker saw vast potential in Khali when they worked together. Khali even pinned The Deadman in the middle of the ring at Judgement Day 2006. It will be interesting to see if the veteran returns to WWE programming in the near future.

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