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WWE News: The Green Arrow accuses Chris Jericho of copying his "list"

Y2J responds by asking the actor to mind his own business.

‘The List of Jericho’ has been the most popular inanimate object in the WWE of late

Stephen Amell, the actor who portrays the role of ‘The Green Arrow’ in popular TV series Arrow, recently took to Twitter to accuse WWE superstar Chris Jericho of imitating his ‘list’. 

The superhero’s ‘list’ is a notebook which belonged to his father and contains the names of corrupt businessmen who had ruined the fictional ‘Starling City’. In a tweet directed towards Jericho, Amell questioned him about ‘The List of Jericho’.

Y2J was having none of it, though, and replied with a tweet of his own which asked the actor to mind his own business.

‘The List of Jericho’ made its WWE debut on the 19th September episode of Raw and is said to include the name of every person that has managed to irk Chris Jericho. The red brand’s general manager, Mick Foley, was apparently the first one to have made it to the list.

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The gimmick turned out to be an instant hit among the fans and also became increasingly popular on social media. Apart from being a regular feature on Raw, the list also made its appearance on the Survivor Series pay-per-view during the 5-on-5 men’s tag match.

Jericho’s prized possession was actually the primary cause for him and his ‘best friend’ Kevin Owens getting eliminated at Survivor Series. While Owens got disqualified while trying to use the list as a weapon on SmackDown Live’s AJ Styles, Y2J got RKO-ed and pinned by Randy Orton when attempting to put it back together.

A couple of months ago, Chris Jericho had posted a picture of ‘The List of Jericho’ on his Facebook page which revealed details about the contents of the list. Other than WWE superstars, it also featured names of Hollywood celebrities, a fan and even a cameraman.

The object made its last appearance on the 28th November episode of Raw, where the veteran superstar Jericho and the WWE Universal Champion Owens had a verbal spat which led to the former leaving the arena. Although Jericho did turn up for the last episode of the show, his famous ‘list’ was nowhere to be seen.

Take a look at this video of ‘The List of Jericho’ making its debut:

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