"The system has failed him" - Former WWE veteran wants to work with Bray Wyatt

The Fiend in WWE
The Fiend in WWE

Former writer Vince Russo recently revealed which current WWE Superstar he is interested in working with.

In a recent Q&A session on the Two Men Power Trip of Wrestling's Patreon page, Vince Russo said that he would like to work with WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt. The former writer added that it would be an honor for him to work with someone as talented as The Fiend.

"I've been out of the business now, it's going on about 10 years that I've been out of the business," said Russo. "I would give anything to work one on one with Bray Wyatt. See now, if Vince McMahon was to offer me money as a consultant, 'You work with Bray, you guys do whatever you want, you tell us every week what this character is doing.' Bro I would do that in a heartbeat because getting to work with somebody like that would be like an absolute honor. What they have done with that talent, literally, it breaks my heart. I feel so bad for the guy because the system has failed him. The system should not be failing you. The system should be helping you."


Russo noted that WWE's usage of Wyatt "breaks his heart," and he would want to help the former champion's character work better than it has in the past.

A quick look at Vince Russo's WWE career

Vince Russo
Vince Russo

Vince Russo started off in WWE as a writer for the magazine in the early '90s. He went on to climb up the ladder until he was named the company's head writer during the Attitude Era.

Russo famously wrote for WWE during one of the most successful eras of wrestling history before he moved to WCW in late 1999. Unfortunately, Russo's WCW tenure was not as successful as his time with WWE. He also later worked in a creative role for TNA Wrestling.

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