The Undertaker sends heartfelt message to Matt Hardy as the AEW star completes 30 years in wrestling

The Undertaker faced Hardy on many occasions in WWE.
The Undertaker faced Hardy on many occasions in WWE.

Matt Hardy has completed 30 glorious years in professional wrestling, and many WWE legends sent messages to the AEW star during a special episode of his podcast. The Undertaker, who also surpassed a similar milestone in 2020, appeared on the show to share his thoughts on Hardy's monumental achievement.

The Deadman was already an established superstar when the Hardys rose as one of WWE's most exciting tag teams. The Undertaker recalled seeing the teenage brothers during the Attitude Era. Today, he was happy to see how Matt Hardy had shaped his career for three decades.

The WWE Hall of Famer noted that longevity was a challenge in nearly every business – more so in the unpredictable world of wrestling, which makes Hardy's accomplishment even more impressive.

Here's what The Undertaker had to say on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy:

"Hey, Matt, it's Take. Man, I just want to reach out and say congratulations. 30 years is quite the accomplishment, man. Just really amazing! I remember when you and your brother first came in back in the day, a couple of teenagers, and now here you are, 30 years later. 30 years in any business is an accomplishment but to stay relevant in the industry is a really huge accomplishment." [1:12:34 - 1:13:10]

You're a long way from being done: The Undertaker to Matt Hardy

Matt has been credited with revolutionizing wrestling by popularizing the cinematic style during a career resurgence in TNA/IMPACT Wrestling.

The Phenom praised Hardy's ability to stay relevant across multiple eras. He was confident that the 48-year-old star still had many more years left as an active competitor.

"And I just want to reach out and say congratulations; job well done. You're a long way from being done. So, anyway, buddy, I hope you're doing well, and again, just from the bottom of my heart, congratulations on an amazing 30 years. Take care, see you soon," The Undertaker said. [1:13:11 - 1:13:32]
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Hardy's creative approach to character development has been well-known since his WWE days. Despite slowing down in the ring now, he has continuously evolved his gimmicks. The former WWE Tag Team Champion is still highly functional in AEW and has shown no intentions of retiring yet.

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