"The whole story behind it was never told" - Buddy Murphy on losing his first name in WWE

So why did Buddy Murphy turn into just Murphy?
So why did Buddy Murphy turn into just Murphy?

The WWE Universe is usually less than thrilled when a wrestler loses their first or last name, and Buddy Murphy was no exception.

Buddy Murphy was the latest guest on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet to talk about his time in WWE and what's next for him. During the storyline with Seth Rollins, his name changed from Buddy Murphy to just Murphy. When asked about that, Murphy confirmed that it was his idea.

"That was my idea," Buddy Murphy revealed. "But the whole story behind it was never told. So I was talking to Michael Hayes and he goes ‘Buddy!’ I’m like ‘Hey Michael what’s up?’ He goes ‘Buddy, it’s too friendly.’ So I’m like maybe I should go back to Murphy. In NXT it was Blake and Murphy, I don’t need Buddy. Maybe because I am this disciple character, and Buddy doesn’t fit. I said ‘Well how about I sacrifice my given name for the greater good?’ Now I am becoming a reborn to Seth. I’m giving away my birth name and I will be known like a number for the greater cause. Next week, I am just Murphy, never explained."

Buddy Murphy reveals losing his first name was actually his idea


Buddy Murphy believes the fact that he has to answer all these questions now reflects upon the fact that WWE could have explained this storyline to their audience a lot better than they did.

"The whole idea was I am doing this for Seth and when I leave Seth, I go back to Buddy Murphy, I didn’t like that," Buddy Murphy continued. "They could have explained it a lot [better]. The fact that we are talking about it now, they are questions that should not have to be answered a year and a half later."

Does Buddy Murphy explaining the reasoning behind the name change make the storyline better for you? How great would it be if WWE took the time to explain these things on their programming? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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