"They don't belong" - Vince Russo says current superstars look like people just acting like wrestlers (Exclusive)

Mansoor and Mustafa Ali on Monday Night RAW.
Mansoor and Mustafa Ali on Monday Night RAW.

During this week's Legion of RAW episode, Vince Russo revealed that he doesn't consider the current superstars to be believable pro wrestlers.

The former WWE head writer said that talent these days seemed like regular people trying to act like wrestlers and mentioned Mustafa Ali and Mansoor while explaining his issues with how wrestling has evolved over the years.

"Chris, I hate to say this, I really hate to say this because it's kind of mean-spirited, but I'm just being absolutely honest with you. We are talking about all these great things, and you showed me all that great footage, and I'm going back to Bill Apter and 1974 and stuff. I just feel, Chris, when I'm watching this show, I just feel like the majority of the talent are just people trying to be wrestlers—like, acting like wrestlers. Like, Ali is acting like a wrestler. Mansoor is, they don't belong, bro. I'm sorry."

Vince Russo talks comparison between current superstars and legends from the past

Vince Russo recalled a few greats from the past and interestingly noted WWE Hall of Famer Chief Jay Strongbow's influence and aura during the 1970s.

Russo named a few other iconic performers such as Sting, Scott Steiner, and Dusty Rhodes and added that the present-day wrestlers didn't look like they belonged on the big stage like their predecessors from the golden years.

Vince Russo alluded that iconic wrestlers from the past were larger-than-life personalities that separated them from the regular crowd. The former WWE writer didn't see the same qualities in performers of the current generation and found it hard to take them seriously on TV.

"Look at the guys we were just talking about," Vince Russo continued, "Chief Jay Strongbow, you know if anybody knows the early 70s what Chief Jay Strongbow stood for. And then you talk about Windham, and Dusty and Sting, and Steiner. These people do not belong. When I'm watching this tag team, it's the same thing. I'm looking at, you know, four people who want to be wrestlers and are acting like wrestlers, and no, I don't believe you. I'm not buying any of this. I'm not buying any of this."

Do you agree with Vince Russo's honest assessment of modern pro wrestlers? We'd love to know your opinions in the comments section below.

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