"They better ban me too" - Current Champion sends warning ahead of title match next week on WWE RAW

A huge match is set for next week
A huge match is set for next week's RAW.

A current champion in WWE has delivered a warning ahead of next week's RAW.

Last night on the red brand, Chelsea Green got caught mocking Raquel Rodriguez to WWE official Adam Pearce. Rodriguez overheard Green's comments and challenged her to a singles match. The Women's Tag Team Champion attempted to run away from Rodriguez during the match but didn't get far. Rodriguez planted Green with the Texana Bomb for the easy pinfall victory.

Raquel Rodriguez also announced during RAW last night that she will be battling Rhea Ripley in a rematch for the Women's World Championship. The two stars fought at Payback, and Ripley emerged victorious after Dominik Mysterio interfered. The Women's World Championship rematch will occur on next week's RAW, and The Judgment Day's Dominik Mysterio has been barred from ringside.

Chelsea Green took to social media and claimed that she should probably be banned from ringside as well after her loss to Raquel Rodriguez last night on the red brand:


Chelsea Green on her marriage to former WWE star Matt Cardona

Chelsea Green is married to former WWE Superstar Zack Ryder, now known as Matt Cardona on the independent wrestling scene.

Cardona spent 15 years in WWE but has become a bigger star than ever since his departure from the company in 2020. Speaking to Ryan Satin on the Out of Character podcast, Green revealed that the couple never talked about wrestling at the beginning of their relationship. Still, the true Matt Cardona came out during the pandemic:

"Well, you want to hear the crazy thing? The crazy thing is that we went the first two to three years of our relationship not talking about wrestling, and when the pandemic hit, that is when the true Matt Cardona came out. And I had to totally adapt, and we had to change the whole dynamics of our relationship because I realized how big of a wrestling fan he truly is," said Chelsea Green. [00:17 - 00:44]

Chelsea Green won the Women's Tag Team Championships with Sonya Deville on July 17th. The duo never enjoyed the title reign as Deville went down with a torn ACL. It will be interesting to see how long Green and Niven can hold onto the titles moving forward.

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