"They don't even know wrestling" - WWE writers slammed by wrestling legend Dutch Mantell 

Dutch Mantell (L)
Dutch Mantell (L)

Wrestling legend Dutch Mantell recently revealed his thoughts on how WWE does promos. He also discussed WWE's writers.

Dutch Mantell was the guest on the latest edition of Sportkeeda's UnSKripted. During the show, Mantell was asked about the state of promos in WWE today. The former WWE manager slammed WWE's penchant for scripting promos. He felt that the Superstars needed more freedom.

Mantell also gave his thoughts on WWE's writers, saying that most don't understand professional wrestling. Mantell explained:

"There are a lot of guys that can do a good promo. What ruins it is that they script it for them. You know what I was impressed with when I watched MLW? They did their own interviews and they were a lot better. Just let the guys do it because you can't write down everything. Me and the writers used to go round and round and round in WWE. I used to tell them, "Guys, this is the cr*ps. I'd take that out, I'd take that out and then I said take this to Vince" and they gotta take it to Vince, you have got to run it by him. They'd take it in there and he'd say he loves it. But see, they didn't tell him I did it, they said that they did it. If you had any good ideas you couldn't give it to the writer because he didn't know what he was pitching. They don't even know wrestling. Most of them haven't really watched wrestling, to tell you the truth. Some of that have probably."


Dutch Mantell in WWE

Dutch Mantell had two runs in WWE. The first was in the mid '90s where he came in as Uncle Zebekiah to manage the Blu Brothers and later Bradshaw (JBL) until his release in 1996.

Dutch Mantell returned to WWE in 2013 as Zeb Coulter. Coulter first had a run alongside Jack Swagger. Cesaro later joined and the group was named The Real Americans.

In 2015, Mantell returned to manage Alberto Del Rio as part of the MexAmerica storyline.

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