"They went from two people to 20 in less than three years" - Vince Russo on WWE changing its creative process

Vince Russo recalls how WWE's creative process changed in three short years.
Vince Russo recalls how WWE's creative process changed in three short years.
Matt Black

Former WWE writer Vince Russo departed the company in 1999 to work for WCW. A few years later, he almost went back to Vince McMahon's promotion, but the creative process changed so much he didn't want to be part of it.

Vince Russo was recently a guest on the Such Good Shoot Podcast to discuss his time in WWE. When the subject was brought up that Russo almost returned to the company in 2002, he told the story of how much the creative process had changed in just three short years.

"Bro, I know I almost went back," Vince Russo recalled. "I left in October of 1999. I almost went back in 2002. And they brought me into a writers room. And bro, there are at least 20 people in that room. So they went from two people to 20 people in less than three years. And I remember walking in that room like, 'What the f happened?' Like, how did you get from a two-man team to this in less than three years?"

Vince Russo says the WWE creative process was a mess in 2002

Vince Russo went into detail on what the creative process looked like at WWE in 2002 compared to 1999. He stated that he wanted no part of it because he knew that he couldn't be successful in that kind of structure.

"And Bro, I could tell everybody was getting into each other's way," Vince Russo revealed. "And there were levels of approval. And this one's in charge of SmackDown. And this one's in charge of RAW, and they got to report to Stephanie, and then Stephanie goes to Vince, bro in 2002, the structure was such a mess that I knew bro. I knew me; personally, I could never be successful with the structure they had in place at that time. And it was only three years later."

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