"This is like typical Vince McMahon" - Vince Russo reveals the biggest problem with King of the Ring (Exclusive)

Vince McMahon and Xavier Woods after his KOTR first-round win on RAW.
Vince McMahon and Xavier Woods after his KOTR first-round win on RAW.
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The King of the Ring tournament continued on this week's RAW, and during Sportskeeda's Wrestling weekly review show "Legion of RAW," Vince Russo shared a big problem with the competition.

Russo wasn't a big fan of WWE's "corny" presentation and noted that the latest King of the Ring edition had Vince McMahon's fingerprints all over it. Vince Russo recalled the experiences of working under Vince McMahon as WWE's head writer, and he wasn't surprised by the nature of the latest King of the Ring.

Vince Russo felt that the crown and throne were outdated and urged WWE to rework all unwanted aspects of the King of the Ring tourney. Russo also found it ridiculous that WWE booked Xavier Woods to have an actual conversation with the crown.

With his magnificent mane in tact, @AustinCreedWins defeats @KingRicochet to advance in the #KingOfTheRing Tournament! ๐Ÿ‘‘ #WWERaw

Here's what the ex-WWE writer had to say about WWE's King of the Ring:

"Chris, can I say something off the bat? You know. Listen, man, I worked for Vince McMahon. I know Vince McMahon. Bro, can we stop with the thrones and the corny crowns? Can we? This is the problem with Vince McMahon. Bro, they do the same thing every year and opening up the show, you know, like. Before we get to that, everybody has got to stop and look at the throne. Can we stop that, bro? It is so corny and so stupid. This is like typical Vince McMahon. At some point, you've got to stop these stupid things and move on, bro. We're past the thrones, and you know, Xavier Woods is having a conversation with the crown. Come on, bro! It's so stupid, Chris!" said Russo.

"Vince does this archaic, stale, stupid, ridiculous stuff": Vince Russo


The former WWE personality added to his criticism and stated that Vince McMahon would never have had Stone Cold Steve Austin walk around with a crown on TV back in the day.

Vince Russo brought up AEW and explained how Vince McMahon's old-fashioned approach is the last thing WWE needs in its battle with another growing wrestling company.

Vince Russo added the following:

"It was like, you know, bro, first of all," Russo continued, "Can you imagine Vince telling Austin to walk around in a silly crown? That was never going to happen because it's corny and stupid. This is what I mean. Everybody knows I'm not a big AEW fan, but the more and more Vince does this archaic, stale, stupid, ridiculous stuff, I'm sorry Chris. But I mean, bro. The more you do this, the more and more outdated you make your product look."

Do you agree with Vince Russo's arguments regarding WWE's King of the Ring tournament?

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