"Threatening to pull the car over and beat the crap out of him" - WWE veteran recalls JBL bullying fellow wrestlers while on the road (Exclusive)

John Bradshaw Layfield is one of WWE
John Bradshaw Layfield is one of WWE's most despicable heels

Dutch Mantell recently recalled his car rides with WWE legend JBL, during which the latter used to bully and play pranks on fellow wrestlers.

It's no secret that JBL had a reputation for being a backstage bully back in the day. Many talents like Mark Henry, The Miz, Blue Meanie, Joey Styles, and more have been victims of the WWE Hall of Famer's backstage ribbing.

On the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell recalled riding with JBL during their time together in WWE. The wrestling veteran revealed that they drove together, with usually more guys in the backseat.

Mantell added that those sitting at the back were picked on by JBL, who roasted them throughout the journey. He disclosed that the former WWE Champion even threatened to pull the car over and beat up the guys for fun.

"I have seen him (JBL) with other guys in the car, and he'd be driving, I'll be in the passenger's seat, and two guys at the back or one guy. He'd just picked that guy to zero in on, and for like 200 miles, it was nothing but zip zip zip and the guy getting mad and JBL threatening to pull the car over and beat the crap out of him cause he was playing and the guys would get mad. But they didn't want to pull the car over and fight the guy," said Dutch Mantell. (3:31 - 4:00)

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Dutch Mantell recalls one of the performers escaping to get rid of WWE legend JBL's ribbing

Furthermore, Mantell hilariously recalled how one of the performers got so sick of JBL's antics that he rode with some other guys to escape the bullying. Dutch Mantell revealed that the said performer left the car on the pretext of retrieving something from his bag but went on to enter another vehicle.

"I have had some guys, and I think one guy, can't remember who, actually got out about halfway there and rode with some guys. He got his bag, and he said "I need something in my bag" and then he went back and got his bag, and he took off with the other guys," added Dutch Mantell. (4:01 - 4:17)
Have no idea what ‘drip’ is, but if it’s good-I feel like I’m very drippy-And Baron is the drippiest. Two drippy dudes.…

JBL is currently paired with Baron Corbin on WWE RAW as his on-screen manager, with the latter being on a winning spree ever since.

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