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Thunder Rosa on working with Rey Mysterio and Ricochet in Lucha Underground

Thunder Rosa competed in Lucha Underground as Kobra Moon
Thunder Rosa competed in Lucha Underground as Kobra Moon
Modified 12 Sep 2020, 05:07 IST

Thunder Rosa recently joined Chris Jericho on an episode of the Talk is Jericho podcast and discussed how her run with Lucha Underground came to fruition. The NWA Women's World Champion explained that it was her time wrestling for Stardom in Japan which allowed her to be scouted by Lucha Underground representatives, showing the value of working for Stardom:

"I think you have to make your name value because I could have gone there and like completely disappeared, but I was like, 'I was in Stardom. Oh my god.' Then I kept working with them, and then they brought the Stardom show to America, and that's when I got scouted by Lucha Underground at one of those shows." (h/t Wrestling INC)

Thunder Rosa on learning from 'the best of the best'

Continuing to reminisce about her time in Lucha Underground, NWA Women's World Champion Thunder Rosa discussed her experiences of working with Rey Mysterio, Ricochet and Chavo Guerrero during her time with the promotion.

At the time Thunder Rosa was still learning her craft in professional wrestling and was relatively inexperienced. Thunder Rosa explained that it was working with veterans such as Mysterio and Guerrero, as well as the TV atmosphere of Lucha Underground, that helped her learn new aspects of the business:

"I wrestle under the hood as Kobra Moon, and that's when I learned that when they give you opportunities like that for TV, you got to perform. You just have to, It doesn't matter how green [or] how inexperienced you are, you have to. If you don't have the skills, you better damn learn because they're gonna fire you and find somebody else that is better than you. I mean working with so many veterans." (h/t Wrestling INC)
"I mean, I was working with Rey Mysterio [and] the Guerrero's. There was a bunch of people like Ricochet. It was amazing. I would just be on the apron looking at the guys putting their matches together, and I'm like, 'man, this is pretty dope.' I'm actually learning from the best of the best. I would ask question to everybody. I would ask the luchadors from AAA to teach me stuff, and that's how I started learning." (h/t Wrestling INC)

Thunder Rosa also shared as story with Chris Jericho about how she would arrive to the arena early to train with AEW wrestlers Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix to improve her in-ring and promo work:

"A lot of the times I would come early, and I trained with the Ballards and I trained with Santino Brothers, with the Lucha Brothers so I can learn the style, so I can perform better in Lucha Underground. It taught me so much. It taught me about cameras. It taught me about promos, how to do vignettes [and] how to be confident even when you have no skills whatsoever. So it was really good." (h/t Wrestling INC)

What are your memories of Thunder Rosa in Lucha Underground?

Published 12 Sep 2020, 05:07 IST
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