"Tired is an understatement"- WWE Superstar Carmella talks about her struggles and the current changes in new life

Carmella is currently out of action from WWE
Carmella is currently out of action from WWE [Screenshots via Carmella's official Instagram account]

WWE Superstar Carmella recently shared her struggles of being a mother and how she has been dealing with her new life.

Mella and her real-life husband, WWE commentator Corey Graves, welcomed their son, Dimitri Paul Polinsky, last November. The former women's champion has been very active in sharing her journey of motherhood with her fans. She has continuously inspired and motivated her fans through her words and honest experiences of motherhood.

Taking to social media, the absent superstar spoke about how much energy it consumes to be a new mother. She detailed the experience of how she was unable to attend a concert after her dinner date with Corey Graves, as she was struggling with her energy levels.

"Tired is an understatement..it's been a week straight of no sleep...last night Matt and I were supposed to go to the Madonna concert..we went to dinner and halfway through I told him I didn't have it in me to even attempt to go to the concert (crying emoji) sometimes it feels like such a struggle...being a good mom, wife and trying to listen to what your body needs," wrote Mella.

Check out a screengrab of Carmella's Instagram story below:

Carmella had previously shared her struggles with being a new mother

Taking to social media, Carmella had previously opened up about how she has been handling the struggles every day. She stated that motherhood was totally different from what she had expected.

The WWE Superstar added how she had been preparing herself for a long time for this time, but it turned out to be different.

"It was so not what I expected. I took all of the classes. I literally did everything I could to prepare myself for labor and delivery. I was working out. I did chiropractic care. I did pelvic floor therapy, meditation, [and] all the research. I did everything. And it just did not go at all the way I wanted it to, or I had expected it to," she said.

She further detailed:

"I, like, just so vividly remember in the moment being like this is the worst experience of my life, and I'm being honest, it really was... It just felt like it was never going to end, and I would never be on the other side of it. And I'm obviously on the other side of it now, and it feels like such a distant memory."

It would be exciting to see when Carmella would return to the ring in the upcoming months.

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