Title match added to stacked upcoming episode of WWE RAW

WWE has a big show planned for the July 11 RAW
WWE has a big show planned for the July 11 RAW

United States Champion Bobby Lashley will host an open challenge for his title on WWE RAW this week, per the company's latest Twitter post.

Lashley captured the United States Championship from Theory at WWE Money in the Bank last weekend. The two have been in a rivalry for some time, even competing in a pose-down during a recent episode of the red brand. The two men will face off once again as The All Mighty will defend the United States Championship against Theory at SummerSlam.

Following the announcement of the SummerSlam match last week, WWE has now posted on Twitter that Lashley will host an open challenge for his US Title on the upcoming episode of RAW.

You can check out the tweet below:

Who should answer @fightbobby's #USTitle Open Challenge tomorrow night on #WWERaw?

This week's episode of WWE RAW is set to be a stacked show. Brock Lesnar's return has already been announced, while Theory is also scheduled to battle Riddle on the red brand.

How did the fans react to the open challenge being added to WWE RAW?

WWE asked fans to suggest superstars they would like to see answer the challenge; however, a lot of the WWE Universe was seemingly annoyed. Some fans noted that Theory barely defended the title when he was champion.

Others pointed out that it doesn't make sense to have an open challenge after the promotion had already announced Lashley versus Theory for SummerSlam.

@WWE @fightbobby Man this is why I hate WWE booking. You’ve got Lashley defending his title at Summerslam yet let’s have an open challenge on Raw?
@WWE @fightbobby With how bad creative has been lately, I wouldn't be surprised if y'all sent Omos out there to take the title off of Lashley.
@Kodjo_Daniel10 @WWE @fightbobby Wouldn’t make sense because Lashley is already defending his U.S title against Theory at SummerSlam.

John Cena and Montez Ford, among other superstars, were suggested by the WWE Universe to answer the open challenge tomorrow night.

@RiverSymons1 @WWE @fightbobby Why an empty GIF with the camera zooming in? I don't get it...

It remains to be seen who will step up to The All Mighty as he looks to establish his dominance ahead of SummerSlam. With his match against Lashley already confirmed, Theory could end up interrupting the match and handing his SummerSlam opponent a disqualification loss.

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