TNA wrestler Jordynne Grace reveals when she found out she would be returning to WWE 

Jordynne Grace commented on her NXT appearance
Jordynne Grace commented on her NXT appearance [Image via WWE and Grace's Instagram]

Jordynne Grace has commented on her NXT appearance, and when she found out, she would be returning to WWE. She made an unexpected appearance on Tuesday night, which sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling world.

The reigning TNA Knockouts World Champion has made two appearances in WWE so far. Next week, she will compete against Stevie Turner. Her other match will take place on June 9 at Battleground in Las Vegas, where she will face Roxanne Perez for the prestigious NXT Women's Championship.

During a recent interview with Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Jordynne Grace stated that she learned she was returning to WWE only three weeks ago, but everything was set only a few weeks ago as the company seemingly wanted to reintroduce her to its audience.

"I think I probably found out about three weeks ago that it was officially happening. Initially, the only date I had was actually for Battleground, but I guess they decided they wanted to reintroduce me to the NXT, WWE audience So they gave me those two other dates, which was, this week and the next week. Yeah, just a few weeks ago, it finally all the details got ironed out and, obviously there's a bunch of meetings I have to do and all this other stuff. So finally found out that it was actually happening just recently," said Grace. [H/T PW INSIDER]

Booker T says he didn't know Jordynne Grace was going to show up on WWE NXT

NXT commentator Booker T was unaware that The Juggernaut would appear on NXT this week. The show's general manager, Ava, introduced the latter.

Speaking on the latest episode of the Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T stated:

"Unexpected entry. She came out, and I didn't know she was going to be there at all. It was a surprise and shock to me, just like it was for Roxanne Perez. And for me, that was a moment."

It'll be interesting to see whether Jordynne Grace will be the one to dethrone Roxanne Perez for the NXT Women's Title.

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