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WWE News: Tommy Dreamer claims Paul Heyman lied to him to keep ECW going

3.24K   //    26 Nov 2016, 17:54 IST
Dreamer stayed with the ECW, through its rise and fall

Former ECW legend, Tommy Dreamer recently participated in an interview with Fight Network, where he talked about his time in ECW. 

When asked about his choice of staying with the company until its very end, Dreamer said that he thought about it a lot

He further went on to explain his point by saying that people who despised Paul Heyman, often talked negatively about ECW, but what they don’t understand is that everybody stayed it in the company because it was their choice. He further added, that for many wrestlers, it was their only option, as they did not have any other place to go.

He also said that many people want to knock off ECW, by claiming that the company issued bogus checks and by questioning Heyman’s loyalty to the company.

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Dreamer says that such people should understand the fact that everybody stayed in the company, by choice and if anybody had problems with the management, they should have stood up against it.

He also mentioned that he received a massive offer from WCW; they offered him more money than he had ever made in his career, just to leave ECW. Despite that, Dreamer decided to stay, owing to his attachment to the company

"I knew if I left ECW it would have hurt."

He further went to talk about a conversation that he had with Heyman, regarding the offer of WCW. Dreamer said that Heyman pleaded him to stay and told him he shouldn’t leave, as they were on the verge of making it to the pinnacle of sports entertainment and it involved a lot of money.


Apparently, Heyman lied to Dreamer, but Dreamer says he has come to terms with it now and understands Heyman’s situation, as it was to keep the company going. He admits that ECW gave him an identity:

"If I would have left I would never have been Tommy Dreamer."

Dreamer went on to claim that it was his love for the company that kept him in ECW, and for him, it was never about the money. He said that it was his passion for professional wrestling that made him stay.

He talked about the dissolution of ECW, and how it had inspired him to appreciate the sport more. Despite all the pain and suffering, Dreamer feels that in the end, his life turned out fine.

Check out his entire interview here:

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